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Where the girls are in San Diego:

Gossip Grill
1440 University Ave, San Diego, CA- (619) 260-8023
FINALLY! San Diego has a full time lesbian bar and it's a must go. GG (as locals call it) is as eclectic as lesbians. Sometimes you see older dykes who own the name, but other times the prettiest girls in town hang here. Food is excellent if you have an adventurous palette. This isn't a boring meat and potatoes kind of place so check out the menu online first. Bad Habit Alert: The bar area is a smoker's paradise and a non-smoker's hell. To avoid smoke clouds but still check out the cute girls, perch yourself by the windows in front of the bathrooms. Try their bubble gum'll have fresh breath all night.

Bourbon Street
4612 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA - MAP - (619) 291-0173
Bourbon Street is a San Diego staple. Friday & Sunday nights are still your best best to mingle. But, the scene is a little older now as all the hispters have moved on. Mostly a 30-40 crowd (older at the beginning of happy hour, with younger gals filling in as the night goes on), but you'll find all ages. Bourbon Street is a great spot with a cool atmosphere. It's a mid-sized place with varied rooms: an East Coast pub feel in the main bar, a great outdoor patio complete with greenery, a hardwood open-walled dance floor (where you'll usually find more women milling and drinking than dancing). At 10 p.m. they open the upstairs bar which provides a great bird's eye view of the action below from a cozy little balcony area. (This is also usually the shortest restroom line since many people don't realize it's up there.)

4622 Park Blvd San Diego, CA - MAP - (619) 813-2272
A San Diego hot spot. Good food, great drinks, cool atmosphere and most importantly a cutie wait staff. This bar as cool as any LA bars without the attitude. It has the best outdoor space complete with cabanas and 2 fire pits. But it's a restaurant until about 11pm so if you're just looking to drink come a little later.late night. Not really a pick-up scene for girls but it's right next door to Bourbon Street, where the girls are Friday and Sunday nights.

Brass Rail
3796 5th Ave, San Diego, CA- (619) 298-2233
Brass Rail is now the place to be for girls late night Friday for ever changing hosted events. The scene is definitely a younger 20s and early 30s club crowd to match the nightclub atmosphere. There's always a small cover and annoyingly, the whole bar only takes cash. Bad Habit Alert: they also have a small smoking patio that gets busier than the dance floor

1051 University Ave, San Diego, CA - MAP - (619) 295-2195
Young lesbians will argue Thursday nights at Rich's can't be missed! It has a warehouse feel like Numbers but the electricity is more apparent. Don't even think about showing up until at least 11pm or you'll be standing alone. Then be prepared to dance the night away or at least scream into a friend's ear as a trendy girl dances past you. Warning: Go to the bathroom before entering the building. ICK.

Urban Mo's (Formerly Hamburger Mary's)
308 University Ave, San Diego, CA - MAP - (619) 491-0400
The former Hamburger Mary's is still packed with the same crowd just a different name and better food, thank goodness. Thanks to its central Hillcrest location, Mo's pulls a decent crowd pretty much every night but Sunday afternoons are out of control. Where else are you going to find a line of people waiting around the block at 4 p.m on Sunday before July 4th? On more typical weekends, Sunday afternoons are usually just crazy packed, but no wait. The crowd is always mixed, all ages, heavy on the men but usually a fair number of lesbians and a few cool straight couples thrown in. Warning: Thursday is, egads, Country Western night. Inside you'll find cowboy hat-wearin' boot-scootin' plaid-clad gay men and women on the dance floor livin' it up. Head for the outdoor patio to escape the country twang but due to a city noise ordinance they have to close it down and shuttle everyone inside at midnight. If you're going to eat, go for a burger. It's the best thing on the menu. We've tried almost everything and the rest is underwhelming.

Baja Betty's
1421 University Ave, San Diego, CA - MAP - (619) 269-8510
A neighborhood bar with drink specials all week, good chips and salsa free while you drink and an unbelievably friendly and fun staff. Definitely NOT the "place to be seen" scene, but this cool little hangout is a great place to gather with friends. The crowd is 20s and 30s, totally mixed -- gay, lesbian, straight (but heavy on the not-straight). A random gathering of locals.

Fiesta Cantina
142 University Ave, San Diego, CA - MAP - (619) 501-2506
2 for 1 drinks from 4pm-8pm & 10:30pm-12:30am daily. Don't even bother going here when it's not happy hour because no one else does. It's hard to predict the cute girl forecast at San Diego's newest gay bar. But, the two hot lesbians working behind the bar usually make the trip worth it. If you HAVE to eat...the Southwest Eggrolls are about the only thing memorable.

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